angel chime

Angel Chime
Euro 8,95 per box


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Globe Candles in box.
gold candles gouden kaarsen
3 branched candle, forked candle

Italian Bauble Natale Candles 3 in box.
Kerstballen theelicht kaarsen 3 in doosje.

Height Approx: 5 cm, diameter: 3.5 cm.

Euro 4.50 per boxed 3 tealights,
NOW 7.50 per pair (was Euro 9.00) per pair of boxed tealights.

Scandinavian Hand dipped Golden Tapers.

1/2 inch x 12 inch, 12mm x 30 cm.

Euro 12,95 per box of ten candles.

Handmade Scandivaian 3-branched FestiveCandle.
3-Tak Design Kaarsen.

Approx 11 inch
(27.5 cm).

Euro 11,95 per candle.

 design skinny tapers, design lange kaarsen
vanillegeur Large Church Candles. altaarkaars, kerkkaars
extra long white dinner Candles / Lange witte Kaarsen.sandelhout kaarsen boomstamkaars

Scandinavian Hand dipped Tiny Tapers.
Various colours available.

1/4 inch x 16 inch, 6,5 mm x 40 cm.

Euro 17,95 per 24 candles.
Euro 47.95 per 3 bundles.


Long burning Ivory Church Candles
with Vanilla Scent,

Ivoor kerkkaars met Vanille geur
(zeer lange brandtijd).

Approx 2.5 inches x 9.5 inch
(6,5 cm x 24 cm),
Vanilla church candle E 4.95 or 8.95euros per pair

Sandalwood Scented Candle with Bark Exterior
Sandelhout Boomstam Geur Kaars

height: 8,75 cm, dia: 12,5 cm.

Euro 8,95 per candle.

X-mas Tree Candles 20 in a box!. Dripping Candles. druipkaarsen
Vario CandlesVario Candles

Pack of 20 Stearine Christmas Tree Candles,
colour white from Scandinavia.

1/2 inch x 4.4 inches, 12 mm x 11 cm.

Euro 4.20 per box of 20 candles.

Retro Drip Dinner Candles,
Retro Druipkaarsen.

Length: 12 inch (30 cm),

Euro 3.45 per boxed pair.
Euro 16.25 per 5 boxes.
Euro 30.00 per 10 boxes.

Coloured Taper Candles
for Vintage Candle Holders

1/2 inch x 12 inch (12mm x 30cm),
various colours available.

Euro 8,25 for a box of 10 candles.
Euro 37.50 per 5 boxes.

pyramid candles piramide kaarsen druppel kaarsen
large church candle

Pack of 4 Pyramid Candles ,
colours white or red.

diameter 22-25mm, height 10cm.

Euro 1.00 per packet of 4 candles.

Scandinavian Design Tear Drop Candles/ Druppelkaars Druppel kaarsen

Length: approx 7.5 inch (18 cm),

standard colour red/white
Euro 4.95 each, E8,95 per pair.
metallic colour silver/gold
Euro 5.95 each, E9,95 per pair.

Coloured Taper Candles
for Vintage Candle Holders
height: approx. 30 cm dia: 7 cm.
(12 inches x 2.8 inches)

Euro 6,95 per candle.
Euro 13.50 per pair.


One-off special candles.
See also our One off Specials.

Bekijk ook de Enkel Speciaal Stukken . (van de meeste slechts 1 stuk op voorraad).



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