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Welcome to the Candlepower store.

The specialist store for antique, design, retro, vintage and novelty candle holders, candles and accessories.

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Winter 2019!

The days of daylight are getting darker and what is the answer to this gloom and despair - candles of course!
Have a look at our candles and our festive candle holders they are sure to cheer you up.

Here are our vintage / retro candles, we have added more half inch (12 mm) candles for your stackable candle holders (Nagel, BMF, Quist etc). The vario candles now come in 30 cm length and 40 cm length. Don't forget our special Tiny Taper Candles- those hard to get 1/4 inch (6-7 mm) candles. We delight in you being able to use your vintage candlesticks again in all their glory.

See also our special offer on candle chimes, that will get you in a spin!

More news: will find exceptional written articles concerning cast iron candleholders. Rob has updated all his previous articles to include new finds, aquisitions and even more information; believe it or not! Her is the link Cast Iron Candlesticks

And don't forget: Candlepower.nl is the place to order your collectible candlesticks. This is the specialist candleholder store. We are adding new products constantly to the site so keep coming back. Or sign up for our newsletter so that you are the first to know.

Bye for now, Dianne.


Hiver 2019

La journée tombe et quelle est la réponse à cette morosité et à ce désespoir: des bougies bien sûr!
Jetez un coup d’œil à nos bougies et à nos bougeoirs festifs qui ne manqueront pas de vous remonter le moral.

Voir aussi notre offre spéciale sur les carillons à bougies, qui vous fera tourner!

Et n'oubliez pas: Candlepower.nl est l'endroit où commander vos chandeliers de collection. C'est le magasin spécialisé de bougeoirs. Nous ajoutons constamment de nouveaux produits sur le site, alors revenez sans cesse. Ou inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter pour être le premier informé.

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(1 girl with big candle / by Kelly )-(2 Candlestick tower in Monumentvalley Utah, USA)-(3 The Mighty Candlestick, demolished in 1840, Wolverhampton UK)(1 girl with big candle / by Kelly )-(2 Candlestick tower in Monumentvalley Utah, USA)-(3 The Mighty Candlestick, demolished in 1840, Wolverhampton UK)

menora chanoeka kaarsen xmas tree candles, bougies noel gouden kaarsen gold candles forked candle, 3 pronged candle
The special Candle / Kerzen, Bougies, Kaarsen  page.
nordic light candles Vario Candles angelchime angel chime carrousel christmas chimde ting a ling tiny tapers, quarter inch candles, tapered dinner candles
brass angel candle holders bmf angel candleholders metal skultuna forsell brass wall candelabra sconces scandi skultuna angel brass candle holders scandi angel candle ring
Vintage hanging brass Candle Holder scandi scandinavian finnish glass candle holder vintage viking candle ship danks design caston iron candle holder quistgaard scandi art candle holder white moonscape candle holder

Exclusive Design Candles
VERHUUR Kandelaars/ RENT Candlesticks/ LOUER Bougeoirs  SERVICE.
Vintage candles for vintage candle holders: We have introduced a new range of candles for you that will bring colour, light and joy into your home.

CandlePower design dedicated to bringing you special, collectible and unique candle holders and candles.

Browsing the site is simple.

The category selection buttons are located on the left hand side of the screen.
The candle holders have been divided into categories according to the material they have been made from. Within this material category the candle holders have been further separated into time periods. By clicking on the candle holder of your choice more detailed information will be shown regarding your choice of candle holder. Each candle holder has a condition level assigned to it to help you know what the condition is of the vintage goods that you are buying.

If you are looking for something specific such as a candle holder from a particular designer, manufacturer, colour, wall mounted etc, then use our search function that we have incorporated to make searching our website easier.

We have also introduced some special categories.
Factory: where famous manufacturers/studios are represented
(currently our selection includes the Rosenthal group, Iittala, WMF, Dansk and Wedgwood).
Click here to read more about the factories.

Sold: On this page you'll see a small selection of what we've sold lately. (sold).
Testemonials: On this page you'll find reviews from our customers from around the world. (testemonials).

The services we offer now include the following;
Save money by combining postal costs across sister websites. (read more),
Giftwrap Service – Surprise family friends and colleagues (read more),
CandleQuest - Where we search for the candle holder you are looking for. (read more),
Blitz - Our email service telling you of upcoming events. (read more).

NEW SERVICE by candlepower.
RENT - Here you can rent candleholders with candles for your special event. (read more).

Whichever way you chose to browse the site we hope you enjoy viewing the contents and will be back for regular visits. Enjoy looking through our catalogue, we would very much like to know if you have any suggestions, any requests:
just mail us at: candela@candlepower.nl and please sign our guestbook.

Click here for some background information about us at Candlepower.

(1 Candleholder Head )-(2 Candle Resonator)-(3 Painting: Jesus with candlesticks)(1 Candleholder Head )-(2 Candle Resonator)-(3 Painting: Jesus with candlesticks)